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Operating Family Tree Maker in Windows by Microsoft can cause problems infrequently. But, it still becomes a hassle when you cannot work on Windows, the most commonly used Web Browser around the globe.

Here are some tips to help you figure out Family Tree Maker 2019 not opening in Windows and making it work while operating it on Windows. family tree maker 2021

Why Family Tree Maker is Not opening in Windows 10

Family Tree Maker encountered an error or ceased to function. The message “Family Tree Maker has encountered an error and needs to close“.

 Family Tree Maker has stopped working” is known to appear on occasion after Family Tree Maker has been uninstalled and then reinstalled, or when a software patch is installed to your software. These messages are usually caused by an outdated or corrupted family tree maker user configuration file.

Check for the Updates

Family Tree Maker is updated regularly to boost the product and address issues. Go to the Help menu and select Check for Update from the drop-down menu to check for updates. After that, Family Tree Maker will check for updates automatically. 

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Remove Family Tree Maker

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the Family Tree Maker program can sometimes resolve program issues. If you have already uninstalled and reinstalled Family Tree Maker and are still receiving errors, you may need to perform a manual uninstall. This will remove all aspects of the program from your computer manually.

Perform a Clean Boot

Many basic system processes, antivirus software, system utilities, and other software are loaded when Windows starts up. These applications and services can occasionally cause problems when installing or running programs. Loading your computer in clean boot mode starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers, and startup programs can assist in troubleshooting any issues.

How to Repair a Family Tree Maker File

File damage in a family file is frequently caused by unchecked file merging, improper shut-downs of Family Tree Maker or Windows, a virus, or the insertion of damaged data into the file. 

This can lead to issues with merging, reports, importing/exporting, and various other issues. The best way to recover from fire damage is to restore a backup of your data made before the damage occurred. Keeping a sound backup system is advised to protect themselves against data loss. Compress the file Compacting your file is probably the most straightforward solution you can try. This can be accomplished in two ways: with the file open or closed. While either option may repair your file, in this case, we recommend compacting your file while it is closed.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish this.

1. Close Family Tree Maker by selecting Close from the File menu.

2. Go to the Tools Menu and select Compact File.

3. It will open in Windows, navigate its location to the point where your file is stored, Select

and Open.

4. Click the Compact button in the Compact File Window.

5. Your file has now been compressed. This can take some time, depending on the size of the file and the amount by which it is compacted. When this process is complete, you will

see a window stating that the compact has been completed and a percentage has reduced the file size.

6. Take note of the percentage and then click OK.

7. Repeat this process till the point 0.00%.

8. Check your File to assure you are not experiencing any issues.

This is how you can troubleshoot Family Tree Maker when not opening in windows. If you still encounter problems, connect with the Family Tree Maker Support team to troubleshoot any FTM-related concerns. Connect with experts, and they will help you sort out the issues, anything and everything concerning the application Family Tree Maker. Once the problem is sorted you can continue using it and enjoy preserving your Family History via Family Tree Maker.

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